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Precision Fitness

Located within Horton Park, next door to Horton Grange, Precision Fitness centres on the maxim: movement improves well-being. If we can get muscles stimulated, joints moving and blood flowing, then our bodies work more efficiently, we feel better and our quality of life improves.

The goal at Precision Fitness to get you moving and living life to the full. They strongly focus on Pilates, which aims to stabilise, mobilise and balance the body. From this stable base we aim to develop your health and fitness further using natrural movement skills, personal and functional training and advanced Pilates techniques.

Adrian is the founder of Precision Fitness and his belief in his method comes from his own struggle with chronic back pain. Following years of frustration and progressively reduced movement, he decided to return to being more active. It wasn't always a smooth journey and he didn't always make the right choices, but the lessons he learnt along the way served to develop his knowledge and understanding. At the centre of his 'return to life' was the discipline of Pilates and his practice of the method lead him to running marathons, competing in triathlons and working in the fitness industry.

Adrian has worked in the fitness industry for the last 15 years and has continued to develop his knowledge and understanding of movement and fitness. He uses his experience and specialist knowledge to tailor programmes to help those people who need to exercise to improve the quality of their life.

To find out more about Precision Fitness, please visit, http://www.precisionfitness.org.uk/about-us/